On site with Interplan

Welcome in our Team!

We are happy that you are part of it!

Being a hostess or a host at a convention is a great thing!
You are in an exciting environment, you get involved and you are part of a big team that is on the home straight at the end of a long preparation time.

Whether it will be a good effort and a cool time on site? – It’s up to you!

  • Come fit and well rested! It's gonna be exhausting.
  • Be open and friendly! We work with people.
  • Be awake and full of beans! Even if there are quieter phases.
  • Stay cool! It can also get hectic on the spot.
  • Be informed about your working times, location and activities. If congress starts you must be ready.

At congresses, participants gain experience that has an influence on their research, their daily work or their personal career. We are here to organise the framework as well as possible.

If you feel like getting involved, you’ve come to the right place!

How do I get along well on site?

Who plays what role here?