Wie komme ich gut vor Ort zurecht?

Breaks & Times

Due to punctuality and observance of the break times I save myself unnecessary stress on site. Because that means: I have enough time in advance to prepare everything relaxed and to drink another sip.
Dressed neatly

With proper clothing (black suit and blouse, as well as proper black shoes) I adapt to my environment. This makes my work much more pleasant.


In order not to attract unpleasant attention, I always smoke in the designated areas. In addition, I suck a peppermint candy afterwards, so that the one opposite me is not annoyed by the smell of the smoke.

Food & Beverages

I eat and drink in the designated break room. Thus it cannot happen to me that I must answer a question of a participant with full mouth.

Friendly & Proactive

As soon as I approach the congress participants in a proactive and friendly manner, the working hours fly by. In addition, I learn many interesting facts about the congress and partly even about the participants.